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Beauty Trends for Autumn/Winter ‘17

With the new season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about updating your beauty regime. Each year new trends in beauty and self care land, but which are worth investing in for the season ahead? With the weather changing and new developments, now is a great time to introduce new products and new routines.

Read on to discover the top beauty trends for A/W ‘17 and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle…

Natural Beauty

The trend for a natural approach to skincare has been around for a number of years now, but this season it’s bigger than ever before, and for good reason. Just like our bodies, the skin needs a daily source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and when it doesn’t have access to these it begins to suffer.

Taking an all natural approach to skincare means you can ensure that your skin is nourished and spared from harsh and artificial chemicals that can lead to on-going skin complaints.

Switch to all natural products, particularly when it comes to serums and moisturizers for the colder months ahead to give your skin the nutritional boost it needs to stay healthy and glowing.

Groomed Minimalism

Along with natural skincare, the ‘natural’ make-up look is big for the season ahead. This trend is all about being neat, well groomed and enhancing your natural beauty with clever make-up hacks. The focus here is on glowing skin, well groomed brows, moisturized lips and pretty simple eyes.

The most important element to nail this look is to get your base right, and it’s worth spending some time here to maintain a flawless yet natural look all day long. Ensure the skin is properly prepped, by cleansing, applying a serum and a moisturizer that will help keep your skin glowing all day long. Next apply a primer to keep the little make-up that you do use perfectly in place. Concealer, highlighter, mascara and a tinted lip balm are all that you need here. Be generous with the highlighter to get that healthy glow.

Rosy Glow

This winter its all about pretty pink shades. As seen on the A/W ‘17 catwalks, cheeks, eyes and lips were given a rose-like flush. In some cases models supported pink cheeks, eyes and lips, with the rest of the face kept natural and soft, in others a pale pink lip or a subtle pink flush looked simple but striking.

Create a natural pink flush in the colder months by keeping your base simple. A good moisturizer and an under-eye concealer are all you need to encourage your cheeks to flush naturally. If you want to really embrace the look, try a rosy pink in the same shade across the eyes and cheeks. Brush and lightly pencil the brows for a groomed look, add a sweep of brown mascara and pat on a little pink lip balm to finish the look.

Which beauty trends will you be trying this season?