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Taking Care of Yourself During the Busy Holiday Season

With the festive season right around the corner now is the perfect time to start to plan ahead. For many, the festive season is joyful, but it can also be stressful and demanding. Our workload can double or even triple both at home and at work, with presents to buy, food shopping to do, children’s parties and various celebrations to attend as well as trying to get everything finished at work ready for the Christmas break.

During this busy period the first thing to slip is looking after yourself, neglecting your diet and exercising less, as well as cutting out any ‘me time.’ In order to help you keep on top of things it is essential to look after yourself to avoid becoming unwell or exhausted. Here’s how to make it through the holiday season, with your wellbeing in mind…

Diet and Exercise…

When you have a to do list as long as your arm, often the first thing to compromise on is diet and exercise. In order to get everything done though you have to be alert and as energetic as you can be while things are busy. Processed convenience foods will have the opposite effect, giving you a quick hit of energy but causing you to crash quickly, leaving you sluggish.

It can be tricky to find the time to prepare freshly cooked meals full of veg and lean protein when things are manic, but where possible choose salads, fruit and meals full of veggies when you can. For snacks try grabbing an apple or a handful of berries, and drink plenty of water to keep energy levels topped up.

When it comes to exercise, make time to take 30 minutes every day, even if it’s just a brisk walk on your lunch break. Letting exercise slip will only result in lethargy, meaning you are less productive. When you’re not alert you may even find you start to make mistakes, so help yourself out by fitting in exercise every day, to make yourself more productive when you are working.

Me Time…

When you’ve got so much to do, stopping and taking time for yourself can seem ridiculous, but when you’re working at a rate that’s ten times faster than you usually would it is essential to take the time to rest too.

Try to get 30 minutes a day of downtime, where you shut down any thoughts of work or festive prep. Read a book or do yoga to engage your brain with something else. You may find your mind wonders, but just be conscious of this and bring it back to your book or focus on your posture in your yoga practice.

Once a week indulge in some relaxation by running yourself a hot bath. Let the family know that for the next hour they’re not to disturb you, add some muscle soak or a relaxing blend of lavender to the bath, play relaxing music and just let yourself unwind.

When you can, take the time to give yourself a mini pamper every day. Try this in the morning to set you up well for the day, just ten minutes will really help you feel your best and ready to take on the day ahead. Try treating your skin to an indulgent serum and rich moisturizer, when you apply both massage around the temples to help you relax. Give yourself a quick manicure one morning, or try sitting quietly for ten minutes with a soothing eye mask. It’s the little things that will help you feel human during the busy festive season, and allow you to enjoy Christmas day without feeling stressed when the day does arrive.