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The Full Guide to: the 21st Century Skincare Routine

The skincare industry is one that moves quickly, with new trends, research and developments constantly evolving. This year is no different, with the approach to skincare looking very different to just ten years ago, and even a little different to the previous year.

On-going research into how the skin works and what it needs means that each year we understand more and more. New discoveries of course go hand in hand with new product developments, helping you ensure that you are providing the very best care to your skin possible. With up to date research and new product launches, read on to discover how you should approach skincare in the 21st century and how to create healthy and glowing skin…


Today we know that cleansing the skin is absolutely vital to its health. Cleansing should be done morning and night, regardless of whether you wear make-up or not. With today’s high levels of pollution and general daily living, without cleansing you allow harmful chemicals to sit in the pores, causing damage to the skin.

The double cleanse is highly popular in the 21st century, because it works to remove toxins from deep within the pores. Have you ever cleansed your face, and just by chance decided you might need to do it again? Then you’ve probably noticed just how much dirt is still on your face after the first cleanse – double cleansing removes the dirt from the surface of the skin, as well as the pores.

We now know that pollution is having a harmful impact on our skin, accelerating the aging process so that we start to develop fine lines and wrinkles earlier than expected. In order to remove pollution and dirt from your skin completely, start double cleansing this year.


Hydration is one of the key elements of keeping the skin looking bright and healthy, as well as keeping the signs of aging at bay. Not so long ago a simple moisturizer was considered enough to provide the skin with the hydration it needed, but today we know it’s important to nourish the skin too.

For optimum results, take a two-step approach to hydrating the skin. We recommend using a serum morning and night followed by a day cream in the morning and a night cream before you go to bed. These steps should follow your double cleanse, and complete your 21st century routine.

Try our Organic Revitalizing Facial Glow Serum to nourish and brighten the skin. Due to high pollution levels, many of us suffer from dullness and dark circles – counteract this using natural ingredients to provide your skin with vital nutrients. Followup with our Organic Facial Moisturizer. Containing Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins E and B5, this hard working moisturizer deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin.

The on-going development of the skincare industry is a fantastic thing as it enables us to take better care of our skin. The 21st century routine is as advanced as it currently can be, meaning you can ensure that your skin is healthy and working against the signs of aging.