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Three Reasons Why you Should use a Facial Serum

There are so many wonderful skincare benefits to using a facial serum. Only recently becoming more popular and readily available, if thus far you’ve gone without adding a serum as a step to your skincare regime, why should you introduce one now? Here are three reasons why you should consider using a facial serum (you’ll thank us later)….

1. Serums can help problematic skin

Ask anyone about their skin and it’s likely they will have at least one complaint. While most of us feel confident in our skin, many of us have problem areas that need an extra helping hand, including dry skin, oily skin and skin prone to blemishes. When your skin complaint is oily areas or blemishes, it can be difficult to understand how a serum will help. One of the common misconceptions about serums is that they make skin oily, which when you have oily skin already or are fighting with spots, can seem nonsensical.

The truth is there are serums out there to help with all sorts of skin issues, including oily skin and blemishes. Do a little research and find the right serum to help your skin type, you’ll never look back.

2. Serums provide a nourishing boost

While many moisturizers can help to nourish the skin, their sole purpose is to hydrate, and so nutrients can be an after-thought. Serums primarily focus on introducing additional nutrients to the skin, depositing highly concentrated active nutrients to provide multiple benefits. Moisturizers are great for balancing hydration levels, and injecting extra hydration into the skin, but serums help to achieve that healthy glowing look, providing the skin with all the nutrients it needs to look and feel great.

3. Deep results

The molecules contained in serums are thinner than those contained in moisturizers, which enables a serum to penetrate deeper into the skin. This means deeper results, helping the skin to not only appear healthy on the inside, but also in the under layers too. In addition, the results from using a serum can be seen faster than the results of using a moisturizer. After just one day the results from a good serum can be seen, and continue to increase with use.