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Top Beauty and Wellness Trends for 2017

A new year of course means new trends, but how do we pick through everything, to determine which practices are worthwhile, and which are just a fad? When it comes to beauty and wellness trends, we all want to try the latest method to create beautiful looking skin and optimum health, using practices that fit in with our lifestyles, which results in a variety of trends catapulting onto the scene each year. Here we walk you through the top beauty and wellness trends for 2017, to save you sorting the wheat from chaff…

1. Return to minimalism

With various bloggers reporting on how they changed their lifestyles with minimalism in 2016, this trend is set to be big for the year ahead, and could have multiple benefits. Minimalism can be applied to a variety of aspects of your life, including your wardrobe, beauty regime and the design of your home. Minimalism can greatly effect your mental wellbeing, leaving you feeling in control and your mind less cluttered. Apply minimalism to your beauty regime by choosing to use just a few great quality daily products.

2. Stress debunking

In order to reduce stress, we are told to try and limit smart phone and tablet use. However, a few apps to hit the market could actually help you manage your stress levels, with those who have tried them reporting to feel calmer. The most popular include Headspace and Buddhify, with features such as stress and breathing monitoring, these apps can help you figure out the source of stress during your daily actives, to enable you to work towards reducing stress in your life.

3. Beauty at the core of wellbeing

Korean beauty was huge in 2016, and is set to grow further in 2017. The Korean way of thinking includes looking at beauty as an essential part of our wellbeing. In taking the time to look after ourselves and feel confident in the way we look, this in turn will enhance general wellbeing, confidence and can even reduce stress and anxiety. Authentic beauty is what we should all aim for when it comes to improving wellbeing, choosing to use natural and organic products where possible, and taking the time to pamper and take care of ourselves to help us feel revitalized and confident.